Sanju Samson Reveals Why He and Steve Smith Call Other ‘Chachu’

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Samson reveals how he got the nickname ‘Chachu’

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, all the major sports events have been cancelled or postponed. Most cricketers are at their home with their families, while some of them are using this time to interact with their fans. Recently, Sanju Samson caught up with the side’s spin bowling consultant Ish Sodhi in a podcast, where the two players interacted about several things.

During the podcast, the Rajasthan Royals batsman finally revealed how he got the nickname ‘Chachu’. He said that it was Australian batsman Brad Hodge who first called Smith with the name. Samson also recalled that Hodge started calling ‘Chachu’ to Steve Smith after he left the team. Apparently, Smith started calling Samson with the same name in return, and this is how he got the nickname.

“It all started with Brad Hodge, he used to call Smith ‘Chachu’, then when Hodgy left, I started calling Smith ‘Chachu’. In return, Smith also started calling me ‘Chachu’. We both enjoy and continue calling each other that,” said Samson during a conversation with Ish Sodhi.

Steve Smith is one of the best brains in world cricket: Sanju Samson

Taking about Steve Smith, Samson said that he shares a good relationship with the former Australia captain. He said that Smith has one of the best brains in world cricket and also clarified that all the players of RR enjoy playing under Steve’s captaincy.

“I share a very good relationship with Steve. He is one of the best brains in world cricket, and all of us enjoy playing a lot under him,” Samson said. The right-handed batsman also said that he observes Jos Buttler closely as both of them have the same skillset.

“I observe Joe especially given he too is a wicket-keeper batsman. He’s also working on his skills and his game and never sits idle. He’s always working on his batting, keeping, or running around the park. I love to observe and know-how he thinks and prepares as a keeper before a game,” added Samson.