The Best Option Would be to Resume Cricket with IPL: Yuzvendra Chahal

With over 2.5 billion fans, cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, but in India, it’s the most popular sport. It won’t be wrong to say that betting on cricket is equally popular as is the game itself. Whenever there is a high voltage match between teams like India and Pakistan or India and Australia, the stakes of cricket fans are very high and this is the prime time when a majority of people use online betting sites and betting apps to place bets on their favourite teams.

Many people in India spend their weekends playing cricket or watching cricket. The introduction of online cricket betting has allowed people to enjoy the sport in a different way and has made the betting process really easy and secure as well. Other reasons behind the popularity of cricket betting include the availability of sites like ours offer tips to get the best betting odds, the opportunity to earn money fast and enjoy the spare time.

Online betting sites are flooded by bettors during the Indian Premier League (IPL), which is one of the most awaited activities that adult fans have each year. Also, the IPL is one of the most followed tournaments worldwide, and millions of players across the globe place their bets on the matches of this tournament.

This year, when cricket fans were gearing up to experience their thrill and excitement offered by the IPL, and to place bets on their favourite teams, the coronavirus pandemic brought the entire world of cricket to a standstill. It was in the middle of March when the matches were starting to get called off and since then there has been no positive update on the matter from the sporting fraternity.

IPL will give sufficient time for cricketers to prepare properly

IPL would have been in full swing now, had the coronavirus threat not affected the sports scenarios globally. There’s no guarantee when the competition will start. In fact, it’s not even clear when regular cricket will start with the current scenario. Indian cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal recently shared his viewpoints over this issue.

He said that it would be best to start the IPL as soon as the conditions become normal and cricket resumes like before. That way, everyone will get sufficient time to prepare and resume cricket properly. The Indian leg-spinner thinks that IPL must be played first when cricket can be resumed safely.

“As IPL is played for over 2 months, it would be the best option to start with. So, everyone will have the required time to prepare themselves. In my opinion, it’s easier to resume IPL than any other series,” Chahal said in a media interview.

With the BCCI looking for a new window between August and October, it’s more than likely that they would give preference to IPL. In the recent ICC chief executives’ committee, no final decision regarding the T20 World Cup was taken, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that the tournament could be postponed to next year.

I am not able to do anything, says Chahal

When asked about how he’s spending his time amid lockdown, he shared his disappointment at not being able to play cricket at all. Also, he added that everyone should take it positively as it will make them psychologically stronger. Chahal admitted that it was difficult for him at the start as he hasn’t spent so much time at home before.

“This is the first time in my 20 years of cricket career that I am not able to do anything. But you should take it positively as it will make you mentally stronger. The first two days were quite difficult for me as I haven’t stayed at home for so long,” he added.