Kohli Pushes Him To Deliver The Best Says This South African

Cricket is one of the most competitive sports in the world. Being able to play for the international team for a long time is not an easy task. Very few players have been able to do so for more than 10 years for their country. This long-lasting list consists of players that are evidently considered legends of the game. Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara, Muralitharan, Ricky Ponting, Shaun Pollock, and Wasim Akram are all some of the biggest names of the sport and have successfully served their countries’ for more than 10 years. 

In the modern era of the game, it has become even tougher to achieve this feat as the competition to be in the national teams is more than ever. In such competitive times, there is this one player that has been able to crack the code of always being a prestigious member of his national team. He announced with his bat that the easiest way to stay in the team and play for the country is by being consistent in his performance. 

Although the word may sound very simple, it is not so simple to add into your set of skills. Was it to be easy enough, each and every player would have tried to do so. However, the rarity of this skill proves how precious Virat Kohli is for his country and the sport. He is the one player that may not need the help of betting odds to place a bet on. One can easily count on him is he wants to place a bet on his betting app. 

Ever since his debut in the year 2009, Virat Kohli has been a constant of the Indian cricket team. He has already scored 70 centuries(ODI, T20 and Test included) in just 248 ODI, 86 Test and 82 T20 Internationals. This kind of statistic is a never before seen event. In fact, he is the only batsman who is speculated to break the mammoth record of 100 International centuries by Sachin Tendulkar. 

The rising superstar bowler of Proteas

Just like Virat Kohli made an everlasting impact when he came to the Indian team in his young age, Kagiso Rabada is also one of the biggest talks in the bowling department. The young South African bowler has already impressed the legends and international cricket fans with his impressive bowling figures. It is only a matter of time when we will see the bowler as one of the greatest bowlers the team has ever produced. 

What does the bowler say about the run machine

Quite evidently, Virat Kohli has been given various adjectives like The Run Machine. Players from all ages of cricket have praised the cricketer for his unbelievable passion, determination, and performance in international cricket. Joining the same group of Virat Kohli praisers of the world, Kagiso Rabada has also pointed out one of the biggest plus points of Virat Kohli, his consistency. Although being a bowler of a different team, the bowler admits that he has never faced a batsman like Virat Kohli. Rabada says that Kohli’s consistency seems to be the world and it is his passion for the game that drives him to perform so well, all day and night. He also admits that Kohli’s unbreakable temperament and consistency has inspired him to work harder and be better in what he does every day. Now that kind of statement from a bowler who himself is one of the biggest stars in the sports is massive and tells the greatness of the current Indian captain. 

What’s next for Virat Kohli

Today, the run machine stands as the captain of the Indian team. The team, just like his captain, was exceptional in the recently held Cricket World Cup 2019. However, it lost in the semi-final against a team that really overpowered the capable team of India. The captain now aims to take his team on to the victory venture in the upcoming and forthcoming T20 and ODI World Cups.