India Bet Review

India Bet is a new virtual sportsbook which is available, and as far as sportsbooks with a uniquely Indian flavour go, this one is the best one we have come across yet! Of course, the featured sport here is going to be cricket, but you have tons of options to choose from, along with great weekly challenges and frequent prize draws. The site’s slogan, “Social betting with prizes” is what this website is all about, no doubt.

It is very important for us to iterate right away that India Bet does not allow for or publicly condone any form of gambling. All wagers taking place directly on the website are virtual; however, India Bet can not and is not responsible for the actions of entities that are linked to from the India Bet website. Indian gamblers are advised to be aware of the laws of their respective jurisdictions, as the laws regarding gambling vary greatly from state to state.

India Bet Review

We’re going to take a look at all the aspects of the India Bet website, and all the possibilities you have available after the moment you complete your India Bet login. Whether you use a browser or download the convenient India Bet app (which was the preferred method of those here in the office), you will find a plethora of options that should satisfy the needs for diversion for even the most hardcore Indian sports enthusiast.

Is India Bet legal in India?

As we have mentioned in passing above, India Bet is legal all throughout India. This is specifically because, on India Bet, you are not betting with real money, so there is no chance of running afoul of some state laws. Even if laws in India change, the likelihood that India Bet will ever be illegal is practically zero because of this. To repeat, India Bet does not accept real money for bets and has no plans to do so.

How to deposit money in India Bet from India

Since no real money is used, no deposit is necessary. Instead, players obtain a virtual currency used within the India Bet website, called IBR or India Bet Rupees. This currency can then be traded for tickets in the prize draws which India Bet runs regularly. There are also several types of India Bet bonus code you can obtain by paying attention to the offers they run regularly, or by reaching some kind of milestone online.

People who are legally free to gamble with real money are welcome to click through one of the many advertisers’ links on India Bet, as these tend to be sites where you can gamble for real money. India Bet assumes no responsibility as to the quality and legality of these sites, however. We recommend that users be fully aware of the legal implications of their actions, and furthermore do their own research on any third party site they may visit from India Bet.

India Bet online sports betting

India Bet cricket betting is the core of the sports betting section of this site, and you will find no lack of options here whatsoever. Twenty20 cricket and Bigg Boss are represented here, as well as many other popular Indian sports markets. India Bet specializes in cricket and other sports popular in India, and other Indian-themed betting markets, and is constantly adding to the list of available options for their many players throughout the different regions of India.

For those of you who are into more of an instant gratification experience, there are tons of options for virtual games on India Bet. These include fantasy sports in both single and multiplayer versions, as well as virtual versions of traditional Indian games and games from all over the world. Many of these have been slightly modified so that they can work as single-player games. This allows you to play at your convenience, 24 hours a day.

India Bet live streaming

There is a whole live streaming section on India Bet. This section regularly features the top cricket matches in the top leagues, along with a smattering of other live sporting events pertinent to the interests of the people in India, and Indians living abroad. The great thing about having access to live streaming is that it allows you to perfectly synchronize your betting activities with watching live action on the screen as you do so.

India Bet App & Mobile

For those of you who are using a mobile device to connect to India Bet, their convenient app is highly recommended. The app runs so much more quickly and smoothly than running India Bet on your phone browser ever could. In addition, the layout and the navigation on the app are clearly superior. India Bet understands fully the importance of tailoring the online experience for the growing number of mobile users, both in India and all around the world.

It’s important to note that there are actually two versions of the app, the APK version and the Google Play Store version. The APK version is far superior to the other. It’s a lighter and faster version of the app, which gives better ads, and tons more bonuses, especially very generous starting bonuses. You won’t get the full experience of what it’s like to be on India Bet if you download the Google Play Store app; you need the APK version for that.

India Bet App Download

The APK version of the app is known as India Bet Pro, which has all the additional features we are looking for, as described above. For those of you not familiar with how this works, the APK is an app that can be directly installed onto your phone, thereby bypassing Google Play Store and it’s senseless restrictions. Installing an APK is only slightly more complicated than installing an app from the Play Store. Here are the complete instructions:

1. On your Android phone, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources

2. Make sure unknown sources are enabled

3. Go to to download

4. Go to your notification centre and select IndiaBetPro_2-0-4.apk so that the app will download

5. That’s it

India Bet Live Chat & Support

India Bet has a complete FAQ section, as well as a new player guide and complete and updated terms of use for the site. They also have independent FAQs on how to bet on the site, how the prize draws work and how the level and boost system works. Failing that, you can click on “contact us” to get other options. The main customer support email is [email protected]. For reporting bugs, you can use instead the email [email protected].

For getting in touch directly with India Bet, right now your only options are by email or by snail mail. For some of the more impatient among us, this may be considered to be a bit unfortunate. The good news, however, is that email response times are pretty snappy. We found that we could get responses usually within a couple of hours upon testing the system. Hopefully, they will include customer service by phone in the near future.

India Bet Promotions & Casino Bonus

Please remember to follow the instructions above to get the India Bet Pro app to take advantage of all of these promotions. When you do this, right off the bat you will get a 3000 IBR welcome bonus, and then every day you can claim your daily login bonus of 500 IBR. India Bet also often sees it fit to reward betting vouchers to players who are successful in their betting endeavours on their app.

Having mentioned the above, really the biggest promotions run on India Bet are the prize draws. Never does a day go by at India Bet without at least one of these taking place. There are actually four types of prize draws commonly happening on India Bet. These are daily draws where you can win merchandise, weekly draws where they give away merchandise and low-end tech items, monthly draws with higher-end tech items, and special voucher draws which have betting vouchers as prizes.

The way the system works is as follows. Placing bets anywhere on India Bet gets you stars. These stars are then able to be redeemed for tickets. These tickets can be used for any of the prize draws. So, as it follows logically, the more you play, the more stars you accumulate. The more stars you have, the more tickets you can purchase. The more tickets you have, the better your chances of winning an incredible prize at one of the draws.

Conclusion of India Bet India Review

We have to conclude that, for the Indian market, no other competitor really even comes close as of the date of this writing. India Bet is so far ahead of the competition, it’s almost as if that competition didn’t even exist. It is very clear that India Bet is very well thought out to meet the specific needs and wants of their Indian customers, in full compliance with all applicable laws at the local, state and national level.

India Bet’s deep knowledge of how Indian culture and the Indian regulatory environment work have allowed them to design an app that’s perfectly on point. It has done very well with Indian customers and will almost surely continue to do even better in this market. Our only very minor complaint would be the lack of the possibility of obtaining customer support by telephone, which will hopefully be addressed eventually. We honestly cannot recommend this excellent app enough.