When Rahul Dravid Predicted a Bright Future for Young KL Rahul

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The modern era of cricket has seen cricketers with amazing skills and extraordinary talent. Cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Brain Lara, Mahendra Singh Dhoni are known for their great leading skills on the field. The cricketer who has emerged as one of the most talented batsmen in recent times is KL Rahul.

Recently, KL Rahul’s coach recalled a story that tells us that former Indian batsmen Rahul Dravid predicted quite a few years ago that the young batsman has a great future. The coach revealed that it was the time when KL had simply received consecutive double tons in a U-13 match. One of these knocks was performed at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru. Fortunately, the knock collided with Dravid’s endurance on the stadium. His coach recalled that he told Dravid to watch the young batsmen practice in the nets. KL was told to follow Dravid’s technique and he did it perfectly.

KL has a great future ahead: Rahul Dravid

“I remember KL got back-to-back double centuries in an Under-13 tournament. He first scored a double hundred at the NRA ground and then scored another double hundred at Chinnaswamy stadium. At the same time, Dravid was undergoing endurance training,” KL’s childhood coach Jayaraj told the Times of India.

“When Dravid padded up for a net session. I asked KL to sit at the boundary ropes and watch him. I told him to watch his technique and batting style,” Jayaraj added.

The coach then revealed that after a week, Dravid walked up to him to talk about KL’s ability. He told Jayaraj that KL has a great future ahead and need to be taken care of. Also, Dravid spoke to young Rahul and gave him some batting tips.

“I did the same for at least a week. Rahul used to watch Dravid carefully,” he said. “After finishing one net session, Dravid came and said, ‘I watched this kid’s batting (double centuries). He played wonderfully. He has a future, please take care of him,” Jayaraj explained.

“I didn’t know a player like Dravid would have so much observation about a kid. I requested him if he can speak with Rahul for some time. Rahul was so happy to meet him. He (Dravid) spoke with Rahul and gave him a pep talk. Rahul still remembers that conversation,” Jayaraj said.