Sakshi Dhoni Shares A Heartwarming Clip of MS Dhoni Playing with His Daughter Ziva

India is a multi-sporting nation where a variety of games are played on a daily basis. Football, badminton, hockey, and tennis are some of the most followed and played games. Out of these, the game of cricket holds the majority share, both in terms of fans and playing numbers.

Today, cricket is so much different than how it was played in its original form. For over 400 years, cricket was a long day affair, where 22 players in white played with a red ball. However, since the introduction of one day and T20 cricket, the pace of at which cricket is played, has increased significantly. With dynamics of cricket changing regularly, another thrill which has added to the experience of cricket in recent years in betting.

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In recent times, the coronavirus pandemic has hit cricket hard, with the majority of cricketers spending most of their time on social media platforms. In fact, they are readily responding to the curious questions of their fans. Also, some of them have started conducting live sessions with their teammates to share their fond memories and discuss some cricket related topics.

Meanwhile, former Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been away from social media and is spending time with his wife and daughter in Ranchi. Recently, Sakshi Dhoni shared a video clip on Instagram in which MS Dhoni can be spotted enjoying with his daughter Ziva in the garden.

While Dhoni was initially thought of as predominantly a batsman who could keep wicket, the Indian skipper has been one of the most reliable wicketkeepers in international cricket. Also, Dhoni is the only captain in ODI cricket to score a century while batting at number 7, a feat that he achieved in 2012 against Pakistan in Chennai.

He played his last recorded game back in 2019 World Cup against New Zealand. After that, he took a break that was longer than expected. The Indian wicket-keeper was all set to play for Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in IPL 2020. However, BCCI postponed the league for an indefinite period which only extended his break.

MS Dhoni playing with his daughter and pet dog in the garden of his farmhouse

At the moment, there is no point of contact with MS Dhoni because he rarely uses social media. But his wife frequently shares clips about what Dhoni is doing in his off-time from cricket. Earlier, she had shared a video of the 38-year old mowing his lawn followed by another in which he was giving a ride to his daughter on a bike in the farmhouse.

Now, she has shared a clip in which Dhoni can be seen playing with his daughter and the dog in the garden of his farmhouse. “Two kids playing here, the big one and the small one,” Sakshi Dhoni said after going live on Instagram. In the clip, Dhoni can also be seen playing with the dog as he throws the ball high in the air and the god tries to catch it.