Players Who Completed Their Centuries with A Six on the Last Ball

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world and has over 1 billion global fans. Globally, T20 cricket is the most popular format with 92 percent interest while ODIs are a close second with 88 percent.

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When it comes to batting in the limited-overs format, the frequency at which the middle-order batsmen score century is quite less compared to that of the openers. In recent times, the three-figure scores in ODI format have mostly been limited to the players in top three batting positions.

Here we take a look at the players who completed ODI centuries with a six on the last ball of the innings.

Mohammad Yousuf vs India in 2000

India faced Pakistan during the 2000 Asia Cup hosted by Bangladesh. The topsides India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan won their respective first matches against Bangladesh. A big win against India helped Sri Lanka move to the top of the table. India’s NRR was quite poor at that point and hence, Indian needed to beat Pakistan at any cost in they wanted to reach the finals.

After electing to bat first, Pakistan added 74 runs for the opening wicket in just 12.2 overs. But it lost three wickets in a space of five balls. By the 21st over, they were four wickets down for 103 runs and the responsibility of building the runs was on Mohammad Yousuf. The No.3 batsman started at a slow pace and his first boundary came on the 59th ball after scoring just 22 runs in the first 58 deliveries.

Yousuf reached his fifty on the 90th ball he faced. After this, he began to smash boundaries regularly and Pakistan’s score took a rise. With Yousuf’s contribution of 93 for 111 balls, Pakistan reached 277/7 by the end of the 49th over. Yousuf managed to score a single in the first five balls of the 50th over bowled by Thiru Kumaran. Mohammad Yousuf took full advantage of the last delivery to bring up his hundred and help Pakistan finish with 295/7.

Kevin Pietersen vs South Africa in 2005

Kevin Pietersen made an explosive start to his ODI career after making his debut in Zimbabwe and South Africa tours during the 2004-05 season. Pietersen scored 108 runs during the 2nd game of the 7-match ODI series in South Africa which ended up in a tie. The English team lost the following two games. During the 5th game, East London piled up 311/7.

None of England’s top four batsmen looked like chasing the target. Pietersen walked in to bat in the 27th over when England were 117/2 and another 195 runs to be scored. The South Africa-born kept striking the ball and scored a half-century in only 38 balls. By the end of the 40th over, he was batting on 63 from only 44 balls and England were at 214/4 with another 98 runs needed to win the match.

By the end of the final delivery, England needed 14 runs to win. Kevin Pietersen, batting on 94, smashed a full toss from Andre Nel over the cow-corner to complete his century.

Craig McMillan vs Pakistan in 2001

New Zealand stood in a must-win situation against Pakistan during the 5-match ODI series in 2001. During the 4th game of the series, New Zealand started off well reaching 165/3 in only 30 overs. But the wicket of Nathan Astle in the 31st over slowed down the scoring rate. Craig McMillan, who came to batting at No.5, was at 32 off 32 balls when Astle departed.

McMillan faced only 19 balls between 31st and 43rd over and reached his fifty from 50 balls. After this, he raced to 85 from 70 balls by the end of 49 overs. The first ball of the 50th over was hit over the extra-cover region by McMillan while the next delivery went wide of the deep-midwicket for yet another six. Craig McMillan, batting on 98, smashed the final delivery over mid-wicket region to raise his maiden ODI hundred.

AD de Villiers vs India in 2015

During the first game of the 5-match ODI series in Kanpur, South Africa, who elected to bat first, reached 104/2 in 23.2 overs. AB de Villiers, who walked to bat at No.4, stabilized the South African innings. He reached his half-century in the first 54 balls as South Africa went past the 200-mark by the 41st over.

With ABD batting on 60 from 60 balls, South Africa crawled to 217/4 by 44th over. South Africans smacked 65 runs in the next five overs out of which de Villiers alone scored 38 off 13 balls. He moved to 98 from 71 balls and stood only 2 runs away ahead of the 50th over. ABD smashed the final delivery by Umesh Yadav to complete his hundred.