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Our team at CricketBettingTips.io is made up of people who love the game and also have a thorough understanding of the art of cricket betting.

Some of us are cricket purists. Our main passion is watching the red ball spin through the air. However, other team members adore the thrills and spills of limited-overs matches. It is having this blend of specialists which sets us apart from other cricket betting tipsters in India. Each format of cricket has its own intricacies. Great test sides and test players don’t always make the grade playing Twenty20. This is where the experts at CricketBettingTips.io are here to help.

In relation to betting on cricket, our founding principals are honesty, impartially, and responsibility. Online cricket betting in India has exploded over the past five years, and more betting sites are now eyeing this market.

However, every bookmaker has strengths and weaknesses. Our honest and impartial reviews highlight what these are for you. We want to educate our readers, so it’s easier for you to choose the bookmaker that suits your style of betting.

Furthermore, as one of India’s leading cricket betting tips websites, we take responsible gambling very seriously. We offer detailed guides and tips on how to bet on cricket the right way. Betting is a form of entertainment. It adds a bit more spice and enjoyment to the game, but it can also be a very addictive pastime. We only cooperate with licenced and regulated betting sites that share the same responsibilities as us to ensure you are looked after properly.

While there’s an element of luck in all forms of gambling and betting, having a good bank of knowledge certainly helps when you have a wager on cricket. We explain, in an easy-to-understand way, all the basics to help improve your betting. Our site covers everything from cricket betting odds and market types through to the various bonuses and promotions that are available.

Also, knowing the importance of mobile betting in India, we have a special section dedicated to the top cricket betting apps in India. This will guide you in finding the right app. However, it’s not always essential as there are many excellent web-based mobile betting platforms open to you. We explain the advantages and disadvantages, so you can find the right one.

And finally, if you have any questions, our friendly team is on hand to help. Simply send us an email, and we promise to respond as promptly as possible.

“Enjoy the game and chase your dreams. Dreams do come true.”
Sachin Tendulkar